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Welcome to GbabyNet Nature and Wildlife Blind Photography. I changed website website name to "Blind" since 2021 as I became visually impaired(about 60 % Central visual field impairment and red/green color blind) since Aug. 2018 because of the disease called "Leber Optic Atrophy " and "Mitochondrial disease". Since then, finding/pointing a camera at wildlife is especially the hard challenge for me. I appreciate so much to my son Yuju, my wife Natsu, and my best friend Yuri about helping me out getting back and having fun in wildlife photography. I also appreciate Canon engineers as their camera's eye-auto-focuses to birds. It's like a dream that my camera (EOS R5) does all the work for me! This is the re-start of my 2nd photography life! I hope you enjoy it:) Thanks, Gajumaru Isobe May 2021
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